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Click To Call & Trackable Phone Numbers


What is Click to Call, and Trackable Phone Numbers and why would you need it?

Click to Call and Trackable Phone Numbers can be used in a combination of ways to help improve:

•Search Engine Optimization
•Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per click) programs
•Conversion rate
•Direct Marketing Effectiveness
•Off-line/Print Advertising Effectiveness

How does it work?

CLICK TO CALL is when you have a link on your Website or email that will allow site visitors to enter their phone number and set the time they wish to receive a return call. When they click the “Call” button their phone will ring immediately.  The program can be setup so that prospects clicking on your pay-per click ad or banner add will go directly to your phone rather than your Website. While callers are listening to a brief message they are being connected to your phone. You will be prompt to know that the call is coming in from your Website or campaign. This allows the caller to save time in placing the call and you can record and track the caller information. Your call can be sent to any phone or cell phone within your company. You can set the hours of operation, and when closed, calls go into voicemail or routed to a cell phone.  E-mail notification of calls will be directly sent to you and you have the freedom to make all the adjustments yourself.

TRACKABLE PHONE NUMBER can be used with Click to Call or any online or offline marketing campaign. Anywhere you normally place a phone number you can use a customized local or toll free number. Each campaign, search term, keyword, or offer can use a different number which will allow you to easily track campaign effectiveness. You own the number for as long as you want.  As with Click to Call, you can adjust the setup and forward the call to a different phone each day and change the hours of business so that after hour calls go to a cell phone rather than voicemail.  The program is easy to use and you will have complete control.

How do you use Click To Call?

SEO/SEM Solution

Your site statistics may indicate which pages are getting the most traffic. Likewise, your pay-per click program may reveal which ads produce clicks. But how do you know which ads, campaigns, Web pages or emails are making your phone ring? Now, you can easily track phone calls from your prospects by using customized local or toll free numbers. You will have an unsurpassed ability to measure the impact of any of your marketing efforts.

You’ll receive a trackable phone number that can be used in search results which immediately creates an opportunity for a call directly to your business.  Instead of a click to a Website with your PPC or banner ads, your prospect can click directly to your phone! You’ll be talking to your prospects while competitors are delaying with email responses to theirs!

Our system also allows dynamic number replacement technology which means you can change numbers on the fly based on keywords or search engines. You can directly track instantly which search engine, ad or keyword is giving you immediate results. This type of technology is great to use for any type of lead generation Website.  With immediate feed back you can adjust your campaigns for optimal results. It can be turned off for after hours, re-routed to a cell phone or voice mail system.

Our Web services program will allow you to view and download data for marketing and ROI reports. You can even listen to recorded calls. All settings are controlled by you!

Order your dedicated local or toll-free number for your marketing now and instantly see what is working.  


Ever wondering if your Website is making your phone ring? Not everyone wants to complete a form or send you an email to inquire. Many customers just want to talk to a real person as quickly as possible to get answers. Asking inquiries how they found out about you is not always accurate or easy. Now you can track your Website effectiveness when it comes to the phone.

You have the option of using your existing phone number or obtaining a unique local or toll free number just for your Website. In addition, we can add a Click To Call button which saves people time in connecting to your office or store. Both of these methods will track the phone number, record the conversation and measure the effectiveness of your site, landing page or Website ad.

Want to know more about our Click to Call service?  Well just: call 314-569-9880 or click to call now. Ask how you can receive this new service at our low introductory price.


Our technology works with off line marketing efforts as well. Anywhere you include a phone number including mail, television, print, radio you can add our dynamic number replacement technology.  Use different numbers to test different media, campaigns, or offers. You will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t work.

You can log into our portal service to see call source, length of call and listen to the recorded call. Armed with this information you can quickly learn the effectiveness of campaigns which means a greater return on investment.

Don’t delay. This low cost solution can quickly add to your overall marketing effectiveness. 
Call us today to start getting better resultsClick To Call





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