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Culturally Customized Websites


Beyond Website Localization

There are several levels of site design when developing a site for an International audience. The first level and first step many companies take is just translating one or more pages of their site. The highest level of customizing a Web site to fit the target audience is so well done that when a site visitor from the target country views the site they are not aware that the site was created in the United States. This is known as culturally customized.

Dr. Arun Pereira, co-author of The Culturally Customized Web Site has recently partnered with ePlus Marketing to provide consultation for our clients. (Read the recent press release). For our clients that truly want to have every aspect of their site customized to fit the culture of the targeted country we will engage the assistance of Dr. Pereira.

Dr. Pereira has studied 5 major values of a country and studied Web sites that incorporate these values into the site. The values are:

• Individualism-Collectivism
• Power Distance
• Uncertainty Avoidance
• Masculinity-Femininity
• Low-High Context

Marketers that understand these values and utilize Web features that are consistent with these five values will enhance a site visitor’s attitude, ease-of-use, and purchase intentions.

To learn more download an overview of Dr. Pereira’s book. You can purchase the book on the right.

Contact us today and learn how we can assist you in developing and marketing your site internationally. Also learn more about Web globalization and International Search engine optimization, SEO.




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