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Website Usability


Website Usability: Form and Function

Have you ever been on a site that looks pretty but finding something is a nightmare? The site visitor's overall experience, finding key information and using the site's functions are all a part of Web site usability. Plus, it’s not how well YOU use the site, but how well your target audience can use it.

Site usability follows some simple rules such as clean and consistent navigation, easy to read text, pleasing graphics, easy to follow links. These rules seem simple but implementing them with graphics, text, headers, call to actions, navigation, logos, tag lines, phone numbers, product information, promotions and other Web site elements gets complicated. The bottom line in site usability is providing a site that your customers will enjoy using and use often.

How do you know that you have site that is designed for your target audience? Your site designed by ePlus Marketing will be tested by the target audience in what we call a usability test. In this test, a site user is observed by our development team so that their actions and reactions are noted.

The following are examples of some of the questions a Website usability test will answer:

•Does the home page clearly identify what the site is about?
•Can they quickly and easily find information they are searching for?
•Do they understand what the products or services offer?
•Is the check out process easy to use?
•Can they find their way through the site?
•Do they have difficulty completing forms on the site?
•Would they want to return?

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